August 2021 Grant Recipients

As part of the August 2021 Lendlease FutureSteps grant round, three recipients were awarded funding to assist vulnerable people by increasing the supply of accommodation and support services to those experiencing housing stress and homelessness. The grant recipients in this round are:

  • Kids Under Cover (VIC): Kids Under Cover was awarded a grant to build an additional dwelling as part of their Studio Program. This initiative builds studios (with bathroom) in the backyards of established homes of carers to accommodate additional young people in their care. In addition, Kids Under Cover provides the young person housed with a scholarship to ensure they develop the skills to become independent adults.

  • YWCA Housing (VIC): YWCA Housing provides and advocates for improved access to safe, secure and affordable housing for low-income Australians. Since 2017, YWCA Housing have operated an innovative 30 room meanwhile use housing and wraparound support model for senior women in South Melbourne. To expand the program, a FutureSteps grant was provided to assist in the refurbishment of an additional 26 rooms.

  • Women’s Community Shelter (NSW): To expand their Meanwhile Use program and to pilot the use of vacant student accommodation, Women’s Community Shelter has partnered with City West Housing, Scape Student Accommodation, the City of Sydney and FutureSteps to provide housing and support services to 20 women escaping family violence.