As part of the February 2022 Lendlease FutureSteps grant round, two recipients were awarded funding to assist vulnerable people by increasing the supply of accommodation and support services to those experiencing housing stress and homelessness. The grant recipients in this round are:

  • Creating Positive Futures (QLD): Creating Positive Futures formed in 2018 to deliver affordable housing and community solutions that create sustainable jobs, skills and training opportunities for disadvantaged people. FutureSteps provided a grant of $100,000 to enable the employment and training of three apprentices within the City of Logan to assist with the construction of two houses in Yarrabiliba.

  • Head Start Homes (NSW): Head Start Homes (HSH) are a not-for-profit organisation, providing a safe and stable home for Australians by facilitating practical pathways into home ownership. Their innovative approach, utilises cross-sector partnerships with Community Housing Providers (CHPs) and banks to unlock homeownership opportunities. A FutureSteps Grant of $110,000 will be used as a guarantee for a pre-screened client and can be perpetually reused for future clients once released.