In August 2021, Lendlease’s FutureSteps initiative made a grant of $100,000 to support YWCA Australia’s Pathways to Independence (PTI) program which addresses older women's housing needs. This support is crucial as the 2016 census revealed that women over 55 are the fastest growing group of people facing homelessness in Australia.

Lendlease’s FutureSteps helps vulnerable people and families experiencing homelessness and housing stress build a bright future, and this donation will grow the number of women YWCA Australia can support by 50%.

Many of the women YWCA Australia help through PTI are often experiencing homelessness for the first-time following a relationship breakdown, the death of an income-earning partner, or escaping domestic and family violence. Other contributing factors can include job loss, unstable employment and a shortage of affordable housing – factors which have only become worse in the COVID-19 pandemic.

PTI is a targeted, flexible outreach program that aids each woman to return to independent living in a place of safety. YWCA Australia assist them to obtain and sustain safe and affordable accommodation and alleviate housing stress. In addition, also connect them to services and other networks in their communities.