“The time is not far off when companies will have to justify their worth to society, as indeed increasingly major public and private investments have to do now, with greater emphasis placed on environmental and social impact than straight economics.”

Dick Dusseldorp, Founder of Lendlease, 1972.

The Lendlease Foundation

Lendlease Foundation was founded in 1983 to nurture the wellbeing of employees and their families, and support employees’ involvement in charitable and community affairs. It was a goal ahead of its time and over the years has continued to set Lendlease apart. 

Lendlease matches employee skills with community needs to deliver and support a range of projects. The projects address social, economic and environmental issues by providing services including designing, building and teaching.

Each year Lendlease employees participate in Community Day. FutureSteps grant recipients will be connected with employee teams to provide additional in-kind support as part of the annual Community Day program coordinated by the Foundation.

Lendlease Foundation is a supporter of the FutureSteps program with the Head of Foundation being a member of FutureSteps’ Advisory Committee.

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